The Question over Sexual Jihad in Syria

The article (click title of post) discusses the pressing debate over whether sexual jihad is currently happening in the crisis in Syria. I had not previously heard of this issue, so I found the article incredibly fascinating. The sexual jihad concept is that devoted Muslim women are going to Syria, getting pregnant, and then returning home to increase population size. However, stories promoting this situation lack support and evidence.

Regardless of whether this is happening or not, there are legitimate rapes and abuses of women occurring during the Syrian conflict, and those DO require international attention. War, since the beginning of time, has brought hardship on women, as they become a pawns between the warring factions. As the Syrian war rages on, it is imperative that the parties involved respect women’s rights and do not use rape, torture, or hostage situations as tools of war.


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October 1, 2013 · 6:00 pm

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