Iran’s new president’s answer for lack of women in his cabinet: They aren’t up to the task

The conversation about women in the Middle East is nothing new, but lately there has been new fuel. Many countries in the M.E. want to sway away from the western perception of misogyny in their countries, but not many have made visible, concerted efforts of doing so. 

My eyes have recently turned to Iran. The president of the country, Hassan Rohani, has publicly come out to say that the factor preventing him from nominating or appointing women to top post in his government is that they are, “not up to the task.”

This backwards thinking and “beating around the bush” method of tackling the issue is honestly more infuriating than blatant anti-women laws or demonstrations. If you are not going to allow your women the same opportunities as men, then don’t try and put up a front that there is hope. Under Iran’s regime, the same one that is responsible for deaths and torture of thousands of students, women and youth are stripped of any opportunities they might have.

Education and information are key components to change. If more light is shined upon issues such as the one in Iran, women can begin to fight for their rights and implement the changes necessary to get what is rightfully theirs. 



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August 23, 2013 · 3:47 pm

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